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Melting glaciers. Shrinking ice worlds. Nature is at the mercy of climate change. The Casanna Ski outfit is setting an example: with environmentally friendly production for nature that lies in our hands. We have a burning passion for ice!





The environmental sustainability of our products is a significant quality criterion for us. We care – and this is particularly evident in our almost completely recycled and recyclable Casanna ski outfit, which is not only produced sustainably, but also has impressive waterproof and breathable properties. It has all the features to meet the needs of serious skiers: waterproof zippers, practical pockets and a snow skirt, over which the Casanna HS Thermo Hooded Jacket can be attached to the matching pants. While you are out mastering the slopes in our sustainable outfit, we are working towards our goal of making it completely recyclable in the future.

But what exactly makes this outfit sustainable:


Eco Design integrates principles of environmental sustainability already in the design phase of a product. MAMMUT® ECO DESIGN Products are specifically designed to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint, while meeting the highest demands in quality and performance. To this end, our designers are taking the whole life-cycle of our products into account.



Eco-Friendly Materials

Can be sustainably produced natural materials, such as organic cotton. Or can be recycled materials – either natural or synthetic – such as recycled down or recycled polyester. For the Casanna HS Hooded Jacket and Pants we used 100 % recycled polyester. Apart from the zipper and some minor design details, the complete Casanna Outfit consists of recycled fibers. The polyester reused in this outfit significantly lowers the energy demand of the raw material production, while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions up to 75 %.



Extended Lifetime

We manufacture only best quality products with highest longevity and outstanding craftsmanship. Thus fighting the global throw-away mentality and ensuring that your Mammut product lasts longer and longer and longer.We drastically reduce environmental harm in the dyeing process by coloring the Casanna Outfit with SpinDye®. This patented method integrates color pigments already in the fiber, guaranteeing an everlasting color fastness – no matter how often you wear or wash your product. Compared to conventional water-wasting coloring methods, SpinDye® saves 75% of the water and 90% of the chemicals needed.



Enhanced Recyclability

Outdoor products typically consist of many different components and materials, making it difficult and costly to separate and recycle the single raw materials effectively.

In the Casanna Outfit we put great emphasis on using as many components as possible from one single and well recyclable material. All three-layer laminates consist of three polyester layers, which makes them recyclable without separating the single layers first. Components consisting of other materials than polyester are designed to be easily separable, thus making them easy to recycle.

Find out more about our WE CARE journey here.