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Snowsports Apparel & Equipment


Break the law of gravity – Be bold! Push back boundaries, attempt the impossible. With the new MAMMUT Skiing collection. Performance, unparalleled freedom of movement and even greater comfort.
Whitehorn IN Jacket Women's CLEARANCEWhitehorn IN Jacket Women's CLEARANCE
Whitehorn IN Jacket Women's CLEARANCE
Regular price$349.00$149.95
Whitehorn IN Jacket Men's CLEARANCEWhitehorn IN Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Whitehorn IN Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Regular price$349.95$149.95
Aconcagua ML Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Aconcagua ML Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Regular price$299.95$99.95
Convey INJacket Women's CLEARANCEConvey INJacket Women's CLEARANCE
Convey INJacket Women's CLEARANCE
Regular price$439.95$199.95
Stoney HS Pants MenStoney HS Pants Men
Stoney HS Pants Men
Regular price$549.95$399.95
Haldigrat HS Pants WomenHaldigrat HS Pants Women
Haldigrat HS Pants Women
Regular price$699.95$299.95
Regular price$49.95
Convey Tour HS Hooded Jacket WomenConvey Tour HS Hooded Jacket Women
Convey Tour HS Hooded Jacket Women
Regular price$349.95
mammut australia new zealand skiing backpacks

Nirvana Backpacks

The Nirvana series are compact freeriding backpacks with extensive features and a great fit. The backpack’s fashionable design elements are complemented by the recycled main material. A cool design and environmentally friendly production – what more could a nature-loving freerider want?

Nirvana 35LNirvana 35L
Nirvana 35L
Regular price$399.95
Nirvana 30LNirvana 30L
Nirvana 30L
Regular price$329.95
Nirvana 25LNirvana 25L
Nirvana 25L
Regular price$289.95
Nirvana 18LNirvana 18L
Nirvana 18L
Regular price$259.95

Touring Equipment

Tackle the backcountry with a complete arsenal of accessories, ready for anything nature will throw out.

Stay warm no matter what with the MAMMUT Recovery Series sleeping bags, and our range of mid layer jackets.

mammut australia new zealand ski touring equipment
Nordwand Advanced HS Hooded Jacket MenNordwand Advanced HS Hooded Jacket Men
Nordwand Advanced HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$999.95
Crater HS Hooded Jacket MenCrater HS Hooded Jacket Men
Crater HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$799.95$699.95
Women's Relax Down Bag -2CWomen's Relax Down Bag -2C
Women's Relax Down Bag -2C
Regular price$679.95
Nordic OTI WinterNordic OTI Winter
Nordic OTI Winter
Regular price$349.95
Women's Relax Fiber Bag -2CWomen's Relax Fiber Bag -2C
Women's Relax Fiber Bag -2C
Regular price$399.95
Women's Perform Fiber Bag -10CWomen's Perform Fiber Bag -10C
Women's Perform Fiber Bag -10C
Regular price$469.95
Women's Perform Down Bag -10CWomen's Perform Down Bag -10C
Women's Perform Down Bag -10C
Regular price$759.95
Perform Fiber Bag -7CPerform Fiber Bag -7C
Perform Fiber Bag -7C
Regular price$349.95
mammut australia new zealand avalanche safety equipment

Backcountry Safety

An avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel are essential pieces of equipment for riding out of bounds.

Airbag backpacks improve chances of survival in the worst case scenario - being caught in an avalanche.

Barryvox - Avalanche BeaconBarryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Barryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Regular price$649.00
Barryvox SBarryvox S
Barryvox S
Regular price$849.95
Alugator LightAlugator Light
Alugator Light
Regular price$149.95
Alugator Pro LightAlugator Pro Light
Alugator Pro Light
Regular price$169.95
Probe 240 ShortProbe 240 Short
Probe 240 Short
Regular price$129.95
Ride Removable Airbag 3.0Ride Removable Airbag 3.0
Ride Removable Airbag 3.0
Regular price$1,249.95
Light Removable Airbag 3.0Light Removable Airbag 3.0
Light Removable Airbag 3.0
Regular price$1,149.95
Flip Removable Airbag 3.0Flip Removable Airbag 3.0
Flip Removable Airbag 3.0
Regular price$1,199.95