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Avalanche Safety Equipment


Safety is a must. In open terrain, an avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel are essential. Every second counts and the only way to rescue buried tour partners is with a complete set of emergency equipment. An avalanche airbag can actively protect you from becoming buried.

Avalanche Airbags

The MAMMUT Airbag Technology 3.0 stands for safety in an emergency. An avalanche airbag increases the chance of staying closer to the surface in an avalanche and perhaps even managing to free yourself. Small packing volume, light weight and high carrying comfort make the system an optimum companion on every tour.

mammut australia new zealand avalanche airbags
Removable Airbag System 3.0
Removable Airbag System 3.0
Regular price$869.95
Ride Removable Airbag 3.0Ride Removable Airbag 3.0
Ride Removable Airbag 3.0
Regular price$1,249.95$949.95
Flip Removable Airbag 3.0Flip Removable Airbag 3.0
Flip Removable Airbag 3.0
Regular price$1,199.95$899.95
mammut australia new zealand barryvox beacon


Our Barryvox® is the avalanche transceiver you can rely on. One of the largest search strip widths on the market to more efficiently scan the avalanche deposit. Intelligent functions and intuitive operation to search faster. Award-winning design focusing on a single purpose: To save lives in an emergency.

Barryvox - Avalanche BeaconBarryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Barryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Regular price$649.95
Barryvox S- Avalanche BeaconBarryvox S- Avalanche Beacon
Barryvox S- Avalanche Beacon
Regular price$849.95
Barryvox Package LightBarryvox Package Light
Barryvox Package Light
Regular price$969.95
Barryvox PackageBarryvox Package
Barryvox Package
Regular price$899.95
Barryvox Package Pro LightBarryvox Package Pro Light
Barryvox Package Pro Light
Regular price$1,069.95


Avalanche snow is hard and you need to work fast. Our shovels are robust, ergonomically shaped and compact - a reliable rescue tool. We are one of the first producers to uncompromisingly meet the latest UIAA standard for avalanche shovels.

mammut australia new zealand shovels
Alugator UltraAlugator Ultra
Alugator Ultra
Regular price$249.95
Alugator Pro Light Hoe
Alugator Pro Light Hoe
Regular price$229.95
Alugator Pro LightAlugator Pro Light
Alugator Pro Light
Regular price$179.95
Alugator LightAlugator Light
Alugator Light
Regular price$159.95
Alugator Ride 3.0Alugator Ride 3.0
Alugator Ride 3.0
Regular price$139.95
mammut australia new zealand shovels


Without a stable avalanche probe, there is no means of successfully locating a buried person. Our aluminum or carbon probes in different lengths are easy to use and glove-compatible to allow you to probe efficiently even under stress.

Carbon Probe 280 speed lockCarbon Probe 280 speed lock
Carbon Probe 280 speed lock
Regular price$219.95
Carbon Probe 240 lightCarbon Probe 240 light
Carbon Probe 240 light
Regular price$199.95
Probe 320 speed lockProbe 320 speed lock
Probe 320 speed lock
Regular price$189.95
Probe 280 speed lock
Probe 280 speed lock
Regular price$159.95
Probe 240 speed lock
Probe 240 speed lock
Regular price$139.95
Probe 240 ShortProbe 240 Short
Probe 240 Short
Regular price$129.95
Probe 240
Probe 240
Regular price$119.95