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Climbing Hardware

Safe, Reliable, Intuitive

Proven quality and continuous development. These are the hallmarks of our Climbing collection. We develop safe and reliable equipment, functional clothing and – for over 150 years – ropes to meet every climbing requirement.

Climbing Helmets

Lightweight and very comfortable to wear thanks to an ergonomic fit and pleasant cushioning. Safety on the mountain with the MAMMUT range of helmets.

mammut australia new zealand climbing helmets
Skywalker 3.0 helmetSkywalker 3.0 helmet
Skywalker 3.0 helmet
Regular price$129.95
Crag Sender HelmetCrag Sender Helmet
Crag Sender Helmet
Regular price$169.95
Crag Sender MIPS HelmetCrag Sender MIPS Helmet
Crag Sender MIPS Helmet
Regular price$249.95
Wall RiderWall Rider
Wall Rider
Regular price$199.95
Wall Rider MIPSWall Rider MIPS
Wall Rider MIPS
Regular price$269.95
mammut australia new zealand climbing harnesses

Climbing Harnesses

Our climbing harnesses are tailored to the human anatomy and patented technologies make them a safe choice for use in the climbing gym or out on the rocks. Our selection of carabiners, helmets, belay devices and slings completes your equipment.

Comfort Knit Fast Adjust Harness MenComfort Knit Fast Adjust Harness Men
Comfort Knit Fast Adjust Harness Men
Regular price$349.95
Sender Fast Adjust HarnessMammut Sender Fast Adjust Harness Highway-Safety Orange
Sender Fast Adjust Harness
Regular price$249.95
Sender HarnessSender Harness
Sender Harness
Regular price$249.95
Togir 2.0 3 Slide Harness WomensTogir 2.0 3 Slide Harness Womens
Togir 2.0 3 Slide Harness Womens
Regular price$179.95
Togir 2.0 3 Slide Harness MenTogir 2.0 3 Slide Harness Men
Togir 2.0 3 Slide Harness Men
Regular price$179.95
Ophir Fast Adjust WOphir Fast Adjust W
Ophir Fast Adjust W
Regular price$159.95

Ropes & Slings

Highly technical climbing ropes for every application. In the climbing gym, out on the rocks and for alpine climbing. All ropes meet the strictest safety standards and are sustainably produced. Our experience and competence in extreme mountain sports are a promise of quality, performance and safety.

mammut australia new zealand climbing ropes and slings
10.0 Performance Static10.0 Performance Static
10.0 Performance Static
Regular price$1,099.95
9.5 Crag We Care Dry9.5 Crag We Care Dry
9.5 Crag We Care Dry
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
9.0 Crag Sender Dry Rope9.0 Crag Sender Dry Rope
9.0 Crag Sender Dry Rope
6.0 Glacier Cord Dry6.0 Glacier Cord Dry
6.0 Glacier Cord Dry
Regular price$429.95
9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
9.0 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
9.5 Alpine Dry Rope9.5 Alpine Dry Rope
9.5 Alpine Dry Rope
9.9 Gym Workhorse Dry Rope9.9 Gym Workhorse Dry Rope
9.9 Gym Workhorse Dry Rope
mammut australia new zealand carabiners

Biners & Belay Devices

MAMMUT climbing hardwear offers perfect handling when belaying with any popular belay device or knot. A high-precision hot forging method, makes it possible to achieve both low weight and optimum breaking strength. Belay devices are intuitive to use and forgiving in the event of user error.

Bionic Alpine Belay
Bionic Alpine Belay
Regular price$69.95
Smart 2.0Smart 2.0
Smart 2.0
Regular price$89.95$69.95
Smarter Belay Package
Smarter Belay Package
Regular price$149.95
Wall Alpine Belay
Wall Alpine Belay
Regular price$54.95$39.95
Smart Alpine 7.5 - 9.5
Smart Alpine 7.5 - 9.5
Regular price$69.95
Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5
Smart Alpine 8.7 - 10.5
Regular price$69.95
Bionic 8
Bionic 8
Regular price$29.95
Bionic Mythos Screw Gate
Bionic Mythos Screw Gate
Regular price$49.95$29.95

Chalk & Chalk Bags

Setting new standards in design and functionality, MAMMUT chalk bags retain their shape high up on the wall.

mammut australia new zealand climbing chalk
Chalk Ball 2x 40g
Chalk Ball 2x 40g
Regular price$29.95$19.95
Magic Boulder Chalk Bag
Magic Boulder Chalk Bag
Regular price$79.95$54.95
Basic Chalk BagBasic Chalk Bag
Basic Chalk Bag
Regular price$29.95
Rider Chalk BagRider Chalk Bag
Rider Chalk Bag
Regular price$42.95$39.95