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Hiking Apparel & Equipment


The right hiking equipment combines functionality and comfort. With the new MAMMUT Hiking collection, you can find what you need for every tour. In all weathers, for any terrain.

Mammut Hiking Apparel

Clothing that supports every movement and protects from wind and weather. Functional, comfortable and high-quality materials that we develop specially for hiking.

Alpine adventures, or downpours in the rainforest - our Mammut hiking apparel will support you through anything nature dishes out.

Not just tough, our hiking range comes with environmental credibility too - using the best in recycled materials and sustainable production methods.

Crater HS Hooded Jacket MenCrater HS Hooded Jacket Men
Crater HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$799.95$699.95
Kento HS Hooded Jacket MenKento HS Hooded Jacket Men
Kento HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$469.95$299.95
Albula HS Hooded Jacket MenAlbula HS Hooded Jacket Men
Albula HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$299.95$149.95
Albula HS Hooded Jacket WomenAlbula HS Hooded Jacket Women
Albula HS Hooded Jacket Women
Regular price$299.95
Convey Tour HS Hooded Jacket MenConvey Tour HS Hooded Jacket Men
Convey Tour HS Hooded Jacket Men
Regular price$349.95
Convey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Men's CLEARANCEConvey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Convey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Regular price$679.00$439.00
Convey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Women's CLEARANCEConvey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Women's CLEARANCE
Convey 3 in 1 HS Hd Jacket Women's CLEARANCE
Regular price$679.00$439.00
Convey Hooded Jacket Men's CLEARANCEConvey Hooded Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Convey Hooded Jacket Men's CLEARANCE
Regular price$439.95$219.50

Hiking Backpacks

Climb Higher, Go Further


Mammut hiking packs are made by performers for performance. Our comfortable, lightweight and yet robust backpacks come with extensive features to easily venture higher and further on challenging hikes.

Lithium 50Lithium 50
Lithium 50
Regular price$399.95
Lithium 40Lithium 40
Lithium 40
Regular price$359.95
Lithium 40 WomenLithium 40 Women
Lithium 40 Women
Regular price$359.95
Lithium 30Lithium 30
Lithium 30
Regular price$279.95

Hiking Footwear

Hard Wearing, Long Lasting

The best materials and anatomical technologies developed for more comfort and secure grip. Our wide selection offers you the right footwear for every activity, from a day hike to a demanding trekking tour.

Regular price$329.95$219.95
Ducan Mid GTX Men'sDucan Mid GTX Men's
Ducan Mid GTX Men's
Regular price$379.95
Ducan Mid GTX® WomenDucan Mid GTX® Women
Ducan Mid GTX® Women
Regular price$379.00
Ducan High GTX® MenDucan High GTX® Men
Ducan High GTX® Men
Regular price$399.95
Trovat Advanced High GTX® MenTrovat Advanced High GTX® Men
Trovat Advanced High GTX® Men
Regular price$499.95
Sertig II Low GTX® MenSertig II Low GTX® Men
Sertig II Low GTX® Men
Regular price$279.95
Ducan Low GTX® MenDucan Low GTX® Men
Ducan Low GTX® Men
Regular price$329.95
Ducan High GTX® WomenDucan High GTX® Women
Ducan High GTX® Women
Regular price$399.95

Mammut Recovery Series

Where Are You Sleeping Next


From a hiking tour to a camping trip or Polar expedition – a good and comfortable night's sleep is essential to replenish your energy for the next day. The sleeping bags in the new MAMMUT Recovery Series have been developed to create optimum sleeping conditions for your needs.

Protect Fiber Bag -18CProtect Fiber Bag -18C
Protect Fiber Bag -18C
Regular price$799.95$599.95
Perform Down Bag -7CPerform Down Bag -7C
Perform Down Bag -7C
Regular price$749.95$549.95
Women's Relax Fiber Bag -2CWomen's Relax Fiber Bag -2C
Women's Relax Fiber Bag -2C
Regular price$399.95
Perform Fiber Bag -7CPerform Fiber Bag -7C
Perform Fiber Bag -7C
Regular price$349.95