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Avalanche Safety Beacons

50 years of experience, developed and produced entirely in Switzerland: our Barryvox avalanche safety beacon is a product you can rely on when it counts.


The Barryvox® has a search strip width of 70 meters; in analog mode, the Barryvox® S extends as far as 100 meters.


Only an avalanche transceiver that is easy and intuitive to use will save lives in an emergency. With this in mind, we have completely revised the operation.


The Barryvox® S Smart Search reacts to the rescuer’s actions and movements during the search. This makes searching easier, more reliable and leads you to the target faster.

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Barryvox - Avalanche BeaconBarryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Barryvox - Avalanche Beacon
Regular price$649.95
Barryvox SBarryvox S
Barryvox S
Regular price$849.95
Barryvox Package LightBarryvox Package Light
Barryvox Package Light
Regular price$969.95
Barryvox PackageBarryvox Package
Barryvox Package
Regular price$899.95
Barryvox Package Pro LightBarryvox Package Pro Light
Barryvox Package Pro Light
Regular price$1,069.95