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Welcome to the Team - Xanthea!

Welcome to the Team - Xanthea!

We'd like to introduce our newest Ambassador for Aus/NZ!

Xanthea (she/her), based in QLD is a lover of all things outdoors! She is an avid climber, white water kayaker, multi-day hiker, mountaineer and anything else she can get her hands on!

We sat down with her to take 5 and hear a bit about her and her adventures!

Mammut is all about rising with the mountains. Finding strength in the journey, adventuring, failing, winning and everything in the middle! We enjoy seeking new challenges and doing that in and around the mountains.

Can you tell us about the latest challenge you’ve set for yourself?


I have been an aspiring mountaineer since I can remember, but in the last couple of months I have made some movement towards that goal. So, I would say my latest challenge is to learn about those snow, ice and high alpine environments and learn how to be safe in and around them.


What do you find most enjoyable about the ‘journey up’ the mountains, so to speak?


I have so many things but here’s the two that come to mind. Currently my focus has moved to longer trips, so multiple nights out. There is something incredibly special about waking up in those spectacular places, making coffee, and then setting out on what ever the day has to offer. The other core most enjoyable part of journeys up the mountains is the amazing connection you get with the people that you share those experiences with.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face when out adventuring, and how did you overcome it?


Knowing how to bail. Being ambitious and enthusiastic when adventuring is great but learning how and when to put it away was the hardest and longest thing I’ve had to learn. If you push people to achieve the objective but they are scared and their heart isn’t in it, its not actually fun anymore and people start making silly and unsafe decisions. I have been on both sides of this and eventually learnt how to call it quits when its needed.


We’ve all had adventures that didn’t go quite the way we hoped. The failure. Can you tell us about a time that didn’t go quite as planned?


I have had quite a few occasions like this one:

I was climbing with my partner Tim in Buffalo NP and we went to do a multipitch trad climb in the gorge. For some of those routes you must do multiple abseils to the start of the climb. I went first and I just couldn’t find the route, but it looked like we were following a line so we continued down. At some point it was super obvious we were in the wrong spot, everything was covered in moss, trees, and dirt which is not great for climbing. So, we started to try to climb out. I should mention at this point it was probably 2pm.

At about 5pm, after effectively digging our way up (because the cracks are all filled with dirt and trees) we weren’t even close to the summit, we didn’t have headtorches, any water left, food, etc, because we thought it was be a quick little climb. Looking up, and the conditions of our route we decided to try to get to the ground and walk out. One of the things about Mt Buffalo George is if you don’t know where the walking tracks are and you try to traverse around the base of the cliffs to find a way out, it is hard work. A mixture of being incredibly lost, bush bashing, climbing through caves, and leading little pitches got us back to the car at about 1am in the morning. I got some first ascents on that bush bash out, we roped up and pitched a lot of little things out a because it was impossible to see what we were getting ourselves into because it was a headtorch less moonless night, in other words dark.   


What did you take away from that experience?


Be a little bit more prepared! Any time climbing something like that from now on I take a headtorch.


Tell us about the most ‘successful’ adventure you’ve been on, and most importantly, how did you celebrate!?


I honestly don’t think I can pinpoint any specific adventure. Not saying I haven’t had successful adventures, but the success varies in each. If we make it back to the car smiling its successful, so I guess most of my adventures are a success. A fun recent adventure was paddling the Franklin River in Tasmania with my partner and my dad!


What’s your piece of Mammut gear you wouldn’t go on an adventure without?

The Nordwand Pro HS hooded jacket. A good hardshell is an essential piece of equipment. Being dry, warm and comfortable is so important on any adventure!

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