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HMS carabiner with safety gate to prevent accidental cross-loading.

The Smart HMS is all about safety and easy handling.

The screw gate can be operated only when the safety gate is open.

This prevents accidental opening as well as unintentional twisting of the carabiner in the belay loop of the climbing harness, ruling out the risk of dangerous cross-loading of the carabiner.

Mammut recommends use of the Smart HMS for the Smart 2.0.


• SellingPointHartware1101
• The safety gate means the carabiner can be used only when it is securely closed
• Optimized design for smooth belaying and high service life
• Key lock nose for easy clipping and unclipping without snagging

• Cut: Basic
• Horizontal breaking load: 12 kN
• Vertical breaking load: 24 kN
• Open breaking load: 7 kN
• Weight: 102 g


Add-on for the Smart 2.0 belay device to prevent the consequences of beginner’s errors
–Greater safety in the event of misuse
–Easy handling

The innovative add-on for the Smart 2.0 increases safety even in the event of misuse by the belayer. The Smarter is simply attached to the Smart 2.0 and, in the event of a fall, it triggers the blocking of the rope even if the brake rope is incorrectly held above the Smart 2.0. It comes into effect only in the event of misuse and has no adverse effect on normal rope handling.

– Safety: the Smarter comes into effect in the event of misuse by the belayer. If the belayer keeps his or her braking hand above the device during a fall, blocking of the rope with the Smart 2.0 will still be triggered.

– Easy handling: the Smart 2.0’s easy handling remains the same during belaying and lowering. The Smarter is activated only in the event of misuse.

– Removable: the main area of application for the Smarter is beginners and children, i.e. situations requiring greater safety. It can be easily removed if required and attached via the integrated loop on the climbing harness.
Smart 2.0
Smarter add-on