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Care & Maintenance: Ropes Part 5

Care & Maintenance: Ropes Part 5

Part 5: How to store and maintain a rope.

Let’s be real. We love our ropes, but they don’t get as much use as we’d like. So most of the time, our beloved ropes spend their days in storage somewhere. It’s important then, to store them properly to ensure they last (safely) for years of regular adventures.

  1. Use a rope bag

Keeping a rope in a special rope bag helps protect the rope from possible contact with unwanted friends, such as car batteries (as we mentioned in Part 1), moisture or sharp or damaging objects.

  1. Make sure it's dry!

Like us, ropes don’t love damp or humid environments for long periods of time. If your rope is damp or wet after an adventure, leave the rope bag open so your rope can dry before you put it away.


  1. Never store in your car

Yep. We’ve all done it. Climb most days of the week, too lazy after a big weekend to unpack the car or maybe trying to hide a new purchase…

It’s important to keep your rope in a place that has consistent temperatures. Particularly in our summers, our cars can heat up to >50degrees. Somewhere like your garage, climbing den or even your bathroom can hold much more consistent temperatures and make ideal storage places for your rope and climbing gear.

  1. Use a rope tarp

Make sure to lay your tarp on the ground and then flake your rope to avoid extra dirt, sticks, pebbles and spiders from joining the party. They can contribute to unnecessary wear and tear on your rope and can have big effects over time. Using a tarp can be a simple way to help keep your rope clean – not to mention a handy way to pack your rope after a session.

  1. Coil your rope

See our video below to review all our care and maintenance tips for your rope and learn how to coil your rope effectively for storage.


Our next series on Care and Maintenance will be caring for sleeping bags! Because, let’s be honest – they’ve probably never been washed…