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Finding the right Hardshell Jacket.

Finding the right Hardshell Jacket.

Finding the right Hard Shell Jacket can seem like a daunting task.
So to make it easy we have put together some easy steps to help you make the right decision.

Whether you're a hiker, climber, ski tourer or mountaineer, all Mammut Hardshell Jackets are designed specifically for an intended use. For example our climbing and mountaineering jackets are all compatible with climbing harnesses. While our ski jackets often feature some extra built in insulation, for those cold days on the snow.
By identifying your intended use, you can narrow down the jacket options that are right for you.

Hardshell Jackets will be described as having 2, 2.5 or 3 Layers.
Layer 1 relates to the face or outer layer.
Layer 2 is the middle waterproof membrane.
Layer 3 is the backing that is felt on the inside of the jacket.

(2.5 Layer jackets feature the face/outer and membrane layer but have a spray on  layer, instead of the pressed on fabric backing layer that a 3 layer jacket will have.)


The Waterproof rating of a Jacket  is determined by a strict routine of tests. (More details can be found here). The way it will be present is as a 10,000mm, 15,000mm, 20,000mm rating. This number relates to the amount of water needed, in a 1" x 1" (inner diameter) hydro static tube, before water penetrates the fabric being tested. Sound technical?  All you need to remember is the higher the 0,000mm number, the more water is needed before it penetrates the fabric. And therefore the higher the number the more waterproof the fabric is.


Just like the waterproof rating the breathability rating can also vary. The breathability rating is based on the grams of water vapor that passes through a square meter of fabric. Expressed as 10,000 g/m2).
It is key to balance the waterproof rating with a high breathability rating so that you jacket not only keeps water out, but lets internal moisture escape.


Mammut Hardshell Jackets are available in both GORETEX and MAMMUT DRY TECHNOLOGY fabrics. For those looking for premium waterproof rating GORETEX is generally the preferred option. For those looking for a high level of waterproof and breathability, paired with the added stretch and flexibility needed for performance activities such as  mountaineering or ski touring, then MAMMUT DRY TECHNOLOGY fabric is preferred.