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Finding the right insulation mid layer.

Finding the right insulation mid layer.

Down or synthetic? Maximum warmth or performance?  Finding the right insulation mid-layer is just as critical as finding the right outer layer.
Here's some basics so you can find the right mid-layer for this winter.

Juts like our Hard Shell Jackets, our Mid-layers are also designed with specific activities in mind.Our hiking focused products feature a more relaxed and 'lifestyle' cut and fit. With our climbing and mountaineering products focusing more on maximum flexibility and instant temperature regulation.


DOWN: Down is widely believed to be the best option for superior warmth, in cold conditions. It is also light weight and packs down to a small size, making it great for journeys or expeditions when your backpack is space poor.
Mammut utilizes bother RDS (Responsibly Sourced Down) more here and RE:DOWN more here.
AJUNGILAK (synthetic): Synthetic fill utilizes a similar makeup to down feathers but derived from synthetic fibers. Synthetic insulation is growing in popularity due to there high level of durability and ease of use when wet. Synthetics materials of today, such as AJUNGILAK will give you as high a warmth rating as down, but without the added care that down needs.
POLARTEC: Polartec(more here) is a synthetic material that focuses on warmth, while still allowing moisture produced by the body, to escape. The Polartec material is also extremely flexible, which is why it is the choice fabric for our performance mountaineering products.